Ulm/Neu-Ulm - the twin city on the Danube. Linked and yet divided by the river Danube: the old former Free Imperial City of Ulm in Baden-Württemberg, and the new city of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria....

Country: Germany

Ulm is well connected to the surrounding region and other cities by a number of autobahns and trunk roads:

A7 Flensburg – Hamburg – Hannover – Kassel – Fulda – Würzburg – Ulm – Memmingen – Kempten – Füssen/Reutte (Tyrol)

A8 Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Ulm – Augsburg– Munich – Salzburg

B10 Pirmasens – Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Ulm – Augsburg

B19 Eisenach – Würzburg – Ulm/Neu-Ulm – Kempten – Oberstdorf

B28 Strasbourg – Freudenstadt – Tübingen – Reutlingen – Ulm

B30 Ulm – Biberach (Riss) – Ravensburg – Friedrichshafen

B311 Ulm – Ehingen – Tuttlingen – Geisingen (– Donaueschingen)

Ulm is on the InterCityExpress line between Stuttgart and Munich. It is also on the trans-Europe railway line between Paris and Budapest, offering direct trains to European capitals such as Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna. TGV trains travelling between Munich and Paris stop in Ulm too. The main station (Hauptbahnhof) is the city's key transport hub, but the western part of the city has its own train station (Ulm-Söflingen) as does the eastern part (Ulm Ost). Ulm is also the start and end point for a range of scenic railway lines, including Württembergische Südbahn Ulm – Biberach an der Riss – Aulendorf – Ravensburg – Friedrichshafen, Danube valley railway Ulm – Ehingen (Donau) – Sigmaringen – Tuttlingen – Donaueschingen or Iller valley railway Ulm – Memmingen – Kempten – Oberstdorf. On summer weekends, visitors can travel from Ulm by rail bus ('Ulmer Spatz') up into the Swabian Alb via the Donau valley railway and the Swabian Alb railway.

Local transport within the metropolitan area is provided on 20 routes by Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm GmbH and on more than 35 routes by other companies. After midnight the whole of Ulm and its surroundings are served by hourly night services on eight different routes.

Ulm is on the international Danube Cycle Route and is the final destination on the Iller Cycle Route from Oberstdorf via Memmingen. The scenic, long-distance Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Route connects the city with the Lake Constance area. Ulm is also at the intersection of two of south Germany's major cycle routes: the Swabian Alb South Rim Trail and the Main-Danube-Lake Constance Route, both of which are linked to numerous other trails in the surrounding area.

The nearest major airports are Stuttgart (approx. 80km) and Munich (approx. 160km), with bus and rail services providing quick and easy access, and there are regional airports in Memmingen, Augsburg and Friedrichshafen. The nearest airfield is 10km from Ulm: Sportflugplatz Erbach (Donau) (ICAO:EDNE) offers facilities for motorised planes up to 2t MPW, powered gliders, helicopters, ultralights, gliders and balloons.

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