Kelheim is the place where the Danube reaches maturity, so to speak. Narrow up to that point, the Danube becomes a navigable river at Kelheim – and one of the most important waterways in Europe. This change takes place against a backdrop of stunning scenery and in a town that has much to offer vis...

Country: Germany


Kelheim is connected to the national road network by the B16 (Ingolstadt – Regensburg) and the A93 autobahn (Hochfranken interchange (A72) – Holledau interchange (A9). Bus services are operated by the local public transport company Verkehrsgemeinschaft Landkreis Kelheim (VLK). These run to Saal train station where there are hourly trains on the Danube valley line to the intercity hubs of Regensburg and Ingolstadt.

The German Limes Cycle Trail, which follows the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes for 818km from Bad Hönningen on the Rhine to Regensburg, passes through the town,

as does the international Danube Cycle Route. The Route of Emperors and Kings from Frankfurt to Budapest also runs through Kelheim.

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