Bad Gögging

There is certainly evidence that the ancient Romans had it good here. But it is likely that the Celts, a few centuries earlier, also recognized the healing properties of the sulphur springs that bubble up from the ground in Bad Gögging. Today, the town is one of the leading thermal spa resorts in B...

Country: Germany

Germany - the Travel Destination


Regional train services run from Ingolstadt or Regensburg (both InterCityExpress stations) to Neustadt an der Donau. From there, it is only around four kilometres to Bad Gögging. Many accommodation providers offer a transfer service for guests.

Arrival by plane: Munich Airport is 89km away and Nuremberg Airport is 117km away. Both are easy to get to by train. Steining Airport Express offers a direct service from Munich Airport to Bad Gögging.

Arrival by car: from Ingolstadt or Regensburg, it is approx. 40km on the B16 or A93 respectively to Neustadt an der Donau. From there it is only around four kilometres to Bad Gögging.

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