Walking in the Danube Delta and Lake District

In the footsteps of the Scythians, Goths and Attila the Hun. The vast open steppes of southern Ukraine have been a migration corridor for nomandic peoples moving westwards from Persia and central Asia, seeking fresh pastures for their sheep and horses. Beginning from around 650 BC, these "barbar...

City: Odessa

Country: Ukraine

Walking in the Danube Delta and Lake District

Our walking tours in the Danube Delta and Lake District are designed to give a flavour of these events, end their continuing influence on the present-day communities in the region. Whether exploring a Scythian butial mound, Roman road, Turkish fort, German church, Russian monastery or Soviet-era collective farm, you will be enveloped in the historical atmosphere of the place.

In addition to the sights and beautiful natural surroundings, you can also savour the diverse local cusine, wines and folklore.

Tour programme (all walks are gentle, no steep hills)

Day 1: Assemble in Odessa. Walk along the seashore "health peath". Stay in Odessa.

Day 2: (morning, 4 km): The Nomand Trail - a steepe valley at Lake Kitai with kurgans (burial mounds) and Trajan wall (northern boundary of the East Roman Empire).

Day 3: (afternoon, 2 km): Izmail Fort and Danube bank, repeatedly contested by Turks and Russians and featured in Byron's "Don Juan". Dinner in Russian Orthodox monastery. Stay in Izmail.

Day 4: Walk (8 km) along the Roman road between two lakes teeming with birds to the Danube and along its bank to the "Eagle" fort site near a Moldovan village (where the Persian King Darius, among other military rulers, crossed the Danube). Night in Izmail.

Day 5: Walk along the bank of Kislitski Island (8 km). Border of the former Soviet Union. Tranquil woodlands, meadows, nature and Danube river. Night in Izmail.

Day 6: Walk (2 km) in Vilkovo - a town with canals instead of roads - established by Lipovanians culture (followers of the old Russian Orthodox Church). Boat excursion inside the Danube Biosphere Reserve to the Black Sea. Walk along the serene sea shore (6 km). Night in Vilkovo.

Day 7: Return to Odessa via Belgorod (Tira), proud city of many names and kingdoms, dominated by Akkerman Fort (walk of 4 km). Visit to the word's longest catacombs that run under Odessa itself. Night in Odessa.

Day 8: Walking excursion in Odessa city centre (3 km). Departure.

Price: 899 Euro per person

Price includes: accommodation in 2**or 3***hotel, meal, transport servicie, excursions (according to the programme), english speaking guide.

Not included: air fares, visa costs, travel insurance, personal expenses.

Further information:

Salix Nature Tours

14 Torgova str., Odessa, Ukraine
Tel. +38(048)7289738, +38(048)7289737
e-mail: ask4more@salix.od.ua

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